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Search preview in PDFs



I find myself searching through PDF files fairly often, and it's a bit cumbersome. As an example:

I have 50 PDFs of 75 pages each. I want to find Jane Doe's address. Jane is mentioned in all 50 of my PDFs, but I'm not sure what her address is, or which PDF it may be in. My process winds up being a a main search which gives me a list of 50 notes, at which point I have two options:
- Flip through all 75 pages of the PDF looking for Jane's highlighted name and see if the address is anywhere there.
- Open each note individually and repeat the search for her name using the find feature, which at least lets me skip from instance to instance. 
Neither option is ideal, and having a snippet view of what's on the PDF page around my search results seems like a reasonable solution. Similar to how there's a preview at the start of a PDF file if you do any markups to it, but for search results, perhaps? 

Hoping I made that understandable. Thanks!

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Hey.. Thank you for bringing it up. I am facing the same problem and that's the only reason why I bought the Premium feature. I was thinking that the option to search PDFs would help me scan all my PDFs together and produce the relevant location of result. 

I do a lot of note making and markup on my pdfs and sync it with the EN account and would like to search them through tags for reasons of revision before exams. 

If there is a way, could someone please guide us, since this is very important to both of us... Hoping for a reply.

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