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(Archived) Feature Request

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Hi Evernote,

I've been looking for an app like this for some time.

I'ts excellent cross-platform coverage makes it ideal for me as I work on a Windows PC at my workplace, where I also use a Macbook, I have a Macbook at home for general use, and also an iPad now that I'm using more and more for all sorts of stuff.

I am installing the client on all of these computers so I have access to Evernote everywhere.

A nice feature, would be to optionally protect Evernote and it's documents with a password. (The same password it uses for connecting to your servers).

For example, everyone wants to play with my new iPad, and they start all sorts of apps up. I may have sensitive data in my Evernote app that I don't want people to see.

And, with the ability to install evernote on so many different clients, there is a greater risk of people forgetting to log out ...

Just a thought.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


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