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Issues with tables



Like several other posters, the update changed the column width of most existing tables. I now have to manually adjust them and, even still, they are showing up unreadable on iOS device(s).

Also, when you create a new table (let's use a two column table for this example), you have to manually make it the width of the note. Then, when you modify the width of the first column, the second column stays it's current width and pushes off screen to the right so you have to scroll to see its full width?

What's the fix for the first part and the roadmap for resolving the second? Your intent was to make tables better but you just made this App completely unusable for me.

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I agree that the new table format with the column widths is a major pain.

The old tables were so easy to use, looked nice and were great. This new implementation has made using evernote like using Microsoft Word. Taken an easy to use product and made it difficult.

I used to be able to make a single column, single row box that would do auto-width and made formatting documents into sections as a breeze. As of this update all of my templates and tables are wrecked. Just about all our notes not are difficult to read and as we open them up we have to reformat every note.

Bring back the old tables and make evernote easy to use again. Please don't turn it into formatting bloatware like Microsoft Word. Sorry I am very unhappy with this update. To the point where I now find it takes so much time to edit notes compared to before that I am looking elsewhere for a product since the usability has now gone. And I have been happily using evernote for 7 years.

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