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Feedback function and web clipper

Yang Bai


I have been using EverNote for almost 5 years. In recent years, I have been using it a lot less comparing to OneNote. Let me share with you the reason.

I notice oneNote is improving in feature much faster in the recent year comparing to EverNote. Every few weeks, there is new feature added to OneNote. There is a recent user interface revamp. However, everNote stays stagnant for the past two years. I hope you will catch up with your development. But in order to know what feature is priority to develop, you do need to listen to user more.

It's painstaking for a willing user to write a feedback to EverNote. In OneNote, there is a feedback icon always visible on the user interface.Such feedback could be completed in minutes.   I can't find any feedback feature on the EverNote interface. People wants to do that has to click on the contact on the website, then register on this forum. There will be few people willing to go through the pain to post the feedback. I think this cause you to miss out on many good ideas and important feedbacks.

The feature I like about EverNote is the web clipper. I think it works well. The "simplified article" button turns the website into a beautiful reading mode. With coloured background that's very easy for eyes to read. But when I clip to EverNote. I realise all the beautiful fonts and backgrounds are gone. I can only read with ugly fonts and white backgrounds...This is such a pity!! Because I clip them to read in the future, and "reading" experience is poor.

My suggest to everNote is to add a feedback function on the interface, also improve the web clipper to keep style and background, hence improving the reading experience.

All the best for your app.

(Luke) Yang Bai. 



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