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Improvements for pdf annotator



Hey there guys, first of all, thank you for your work. I do a lot of writing in Evernote and to do that I use a lot of pdf's. Here are a few suggestions on the matter to make the experience better.

1) Make it possible to work on the pdf annotator and another note simultaneously. Right now if you switch to another note the annotator closes and you have to reopen and start from page one. I could open the pdf in my native pdf reader but that's the whole point of having everything hanging in Evernote.

2) Let text be copied from the pdf annotator. There's not a text select tool.

3) It would be really great if you could select text and access a pdf right from the annotation summary, and straight into the annotated part of the pdf. Would make navigating the document a lot faster.

4) Make it more efficient. It takes a lot of cpu power to work on a few pages pdf.

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