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unmerge or edit merged notes



A long while ago I merged three notes into one (and have since emptied the trash, losing the originals).  I now need to replace one of the merged PDF's with a different one, but I do not see any to do this other than a cumbersome one of opening every note in Preview, saving it, deleting the merged note and recreating with the new PDF.

I am surprised that I do not see this request in already - am I missing something?

I am on a Mac, but this would be useful on windows also.




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No sooner had I entered this than I thought of a better way of achieving my objective, using the features of Preview (edit the original and drag the new pages in place), but this does not invalidate the general request. If Evernote supplies a merge operation then it should supply an unmerge. Perhaps with the option of automatically tagging each unmerged note so that they can be located easily.


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