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(Archived) Why are the interfaces so different?

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I use Evernote on my PC desktop and my Mac laptop. For the most part it is great. However, I don't understand why there are so many differences in the way the apps work on the two platforms. Just a few that come to mind are:

1. When I create a new note on EN Windows, the first line of text in the note is used to create the title of the note. On the Mac, the first thing you do is give the note a name, then you move on to adding text or whatever you want to the note.

2. Adding a check box to a note on the mac uses the key combination cmd + shift + t. On windows it is ctrl + shift + C.

3. Formatting isn't the same on both versions. Putting a tab in on a mac doesn't add the same amount of space as it does on Windows. When you view a note on the other platform it doesn't display the note with that platform's tab spacing, it does it with the amount of spacing from the platform on which it was created. So if I start adding tabs to same note on the two platforms the amount of spacing will vary throughout the note unless I add or remove spaces to equalize them.

4. Pasting URLs into a note on the mac automatically sets them up as links. Pasting URLs into a note on the PC does not.

5. The layout of the interface isn't the same at all. There are lots of differences in the layout of buttons and so forth.

It would be a whole lot easier for users if the interfaces were the same. I imagine it would also be a lot easier for EN support if they were the same.

I've been thinking about upgrading to premium and would feel much more inclined to do so if the user experience was more similar on the two platforms.

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