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Improve Support for Android app running on Chrome OS



Now that it is possible to run Android apps on Chromebook devices - such as the just released Samsung Chromebook Plus (and the upcoming Samsung Chromebook Pro) I'd like to see Evernote optimized to run better in this environment. 

Specifically I'd like to see integration of Google's server-side algorithm that makes taking handwritten notes with a stylus much smoother on Chromebooks. Google Keep is using this API and it is a very smooth writing experience. However, in Evernote's app this feature has not yet been integrated and the handwriting experience is very slow and laggy.

It would also be great if the text sizing and app elements were better optimized for larger screens.

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Please help with the text size! I'm using the Android app on a Samsung Chromebook Plus. The font size is so tiny. It's almost completely unusable to me. I love Evernote and have a paid subscription. One of key reasons I bought this Chromebook was to be able to use the Evernote app!

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