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Audio notations



Recorded audio should allow time-based notes in the audio recording creating a clickable index of important points in the recording for quick retrieval.

Here's how it would work. While an audio recording is happening, the user can type a function key that would create a marker at the current position of the record head and as text is typed, that text is linked to that time in the audio recording.  After the recording is over, right clicking on the text produces an option to play the audio from the point at which that text is linked.  So let's say I'm in a long meeting and the topic of the meeting turns to the budget.  I can hit a function key and type  the word budget and later, after the meeting, quickly start playing the audio from that point by right clicking on the text.  Under budget I can mark sub categories like marketing and equipment as they are mentioned in the meeting and those text entries would be linked to that point in the audio recording that covers those subjects.    Maybe a colored dot would appear on the audio timeline to indicate that a note is linked to that spot and the associated text might have a matching colored dot or underline.  That dot on the timeline should have the ability to be re-positioned if as needed.  There should also be the ability to unlink the text, change the text while remaining linked, and move the link in the audio to a new location.  And there should also be the option to link new text to the timeline after the recording is over.

If this function was available, a long meeting could be annotated on the fly to allow quick reference to points of interest like particular subjects, speakers, facts or quotes.  Great for reporters, lawyers, students, and business meetings.



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