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(Archived) Feature Request: Better Find Function



The Find feature is really lacking. I would actually call it inept and next to useless.

1) Any spaces in your query mean that the words are treated as separate OR searches. You cannot search for a phrase. For example, searching for "Freedom's Progress" will highlight all occurrences of "freedom" OR "progress". If you are searching for that exact phrase, you are out of luck.

2) Symbols like ".", "/", "(" are treated as spaces, further compounding the problem. If you are searching a note about web programming, and want to find a reference to "www.evernote.com" it will return all instances of "www", "evernote", and "com" and you will have to wade through them all.

3) Since symbols are ignored, there isn't even a way to explicitly state a phrase search. Entering "freedom's progress" (with quotes) doesn't work since the quotes are ignored anyway.


1) Do what Safari or Firefox do, and if someone enters a phrase, treat it as a phrase! In other words, treat it as an AND statement and not an OR statement. Or have a checkbox button for "exact phrase", and another for "Match case" as Firefox has done. Your current implementation is useless.

2) Recognize symbols. This is a largely web-related app, so you've got to realize that people might be dealing with website addresses or other technical info containing symbols. Maybe if I'm pasting Pride and Prejudice it won't contain any forward slashes, but hey, maybe I want to search for instances where "humble" ends a sentence, ie "humble." I won't be able to find that without being able to handle periods.

Evernote gets updated almost every week, how come there are big features still missing?

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