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Clipper working selectively


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Hello there,

I'm having a problem with the clipper and I am not able to find any apparent solution to it. Since I'm both language teacher (Brazilian Portuguese) and student (Norwegian), I'm really keen on studying articles from various websites with images included (it does help studying a language if you see some visual stimuli). I'm trying to find a pattern why clipping some articles works great and I'm able to get everything including images, while it doesn't work with others and I'm literally getting bare text with empty spaces, linked to images on a website.

Example of a site working perfectly (both article and images clipped into Evernote): http://www.correiobraziliense.com.br/app/noticia/politica-brasil-economia/63,65,63,12/2016/12/28/internas_polbraeco,562875/florestas-brasileiras-perdem-vegetacao-equivalente-a-cinco-dfs-em-dois.shtml

Example of site where clipping gives me text and link to images, but not the images themselves: https://www.nrk.no/norge/regjeringsslitasje-kan-koste-solberg-makten-1.13275217

Before you answer, please bear in mind that:

  1. Copy-paste way is a no-go - given the fact that I process hundreds of articles, this means a loss of substantial amount of time to me;
  2. Saving a PDF through Chrome's print is also a no-go - I'd rather be able to edit the articles within Evernote.

In case you're wondering - Premium plan here.

Thank you very much for any feedback or possible solutions.


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