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Bug: Mac Safari Clipper "cannot save clip" as bookmark for some URLs

Andrew R


I save a lot of pages as bookmarks using the MacOS Safari webclipper.   For the last few months about 1 in 20 of these results in error "Cannot Save Clip" with no further explanation.   All tagging and remarks are lost and the only way around this is to save as another type e.g. article.    

This is repeatable for specific URLs such as http://www.pangeabrands.com/products/death-star-popcorn-maker (but not other pages on the same domain e.g. http://www.pangeabrands.com/collections/lucas-films/products/darth-vader-immersion-blender -- go figure) and has been confirmed as repeatable by Evernote Support also, so it's not just me.  

As of yet no fix in place.  It would be good to know at least the reason this happening (a specific URL pattern perhaps?) to avoid having to play data loss roulette every time use the clipper.





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