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Notebook icon on clipper interface slow to load


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Clipping is very slow for quite some time. Today I found out where the bottleneck is. 

After web clipper interface popping up, it often takes around another 3-6 sec for the notebook icon to finish loading. 6 sec! Tragically, the save button is unclickable until then. 

According to Chrome devtools, that notebook icon names "notebook_ global_tools@2x.png". Notably, it's retrieved from disk cache, and the actual loading time is minimum. So the problem is the web clipper waits 6 sec before starting to load the icon from disk cache.

What does web clipper do during that time? Devtools indicates that function setHeight() in global_tools.js is the culprit. I don't have time to figure out how it works though.

function setHeight(a) {
    var b = main.offsetHeight
      , c = (main.offsetHeight - main.clientHeight) / 2
      , d = notebookSelector ? notebookSelector.height - (b - notebook.offsetTop - c) : 0
      , e = tagSelector ? tagSelector.height - (b - tags.offsetTop - c) : 0;
    "undefined" != typeof a && null !== a || (a = !1),
        name: "bounce",
        message: {
            name: "setGlobalToolsHeight",
            height: b + Math.max(Math.max(d, e), 0),
            recalculate: a



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