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option to show more / all tags within a note

Andreas Schmidt-Gayk


Dear EN,

both within the windows client and on the WWW version, when I open a note I only see a limited number of tags. Please provide an option in the settings menu to automatically either show one line of tags or all tags, i.e. the line showing the tags needs to automatically expand / move a little down when the option was chosen in settings.

This is especially annoying when I am in the office, using the WWW version, and cannot delete tags because I cannot see all tags the note has.

In the windows client, I can click on the little arrows on the right and then all tags are shown. I'd rather have all tags listed automatically. On the WWW version, this option is not available, but I'd like all tags to be shown automatically when I open a note instead of just one line of tags.

Thank you,


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I have the same problem. I can only use the web version at work. I can only see a few of the tags, and it is so frustrating, especially when I'm searching something with multiple tags. As you can see in the photo, I only see the one tag in full. I have no idea what the tag ending in "e" is, and there's no way to find out. Please fix this. 


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