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Hi Developers

I enjoy using Evernote, but recently I needed to delete anote, and it took me a good half hour to find the appropriate menu option. At last I found it in the rightclick popup menu. Hence my question:

Could you P.L.E.A.S.E rename the Delete function into "Delete"?

You as Americans may know a certain object as "the trash", but there are parts of the world (for example, that part where the English language comes from) where a trash has no meaning whatsoever, since unwanted items are disposed of in the Bin or the Wastepaperbasket. The guys at Microsoft have had a thorough tought when they devised the Windows interface and called it the Recycle Bin. They also encouraged the use of the term Delete, rather than Erase, Remove, Destroy, Destruct or similar words. So for the last thirty years, Windows users have grown used to the fact that they need to select the Delete fucntion to get rid of something.

Now you introduce the option of Move to Trash.
First: to move an item means still keeping it, but store it in another place, in this case the Trash. And a user that wants to get rid of something, doesn't want to keep it in another place. It should be eradicated. Gone, Completely.

Second: as said, the Trash has no meaning outside the US. The same as Transit, the word you use for Public Transport. Or to reach out for contact. There are many americanisms that is easily misunderstood in the rest of the world.

Third: the menu option Move to Trash requires three words, whereas Delete has only word, which makes it easier to understand at first glance.

You'd do me a great favour renaming that menu option.

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