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Why Evernote Web, could not show all contents in some note?



As I tried to maximize browser or not, the contents which belong to some note, could not show all in the browser.

Evernote tool shows well all contents.

But Evernote Web, the layout for snippet of notes as left side, and main area is contents area.

But the contents area is very limited percent of width inside of browser.

So many contents partially showed inside of browser.

Even no way to see detail under such limited with on the browser's width.

It contents have more things with more width, Evernote Web should appear with horizontal scroll bar to see all contents in the some note.

But all such things not possible.

Please fix and offer better option like horizontal scroll bars as contents width.




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Well as I checked again, that width for contents area, is looks like fixed size against browser's width.

So maximize browser or not the width of contents area inside of Evernote web could not show much part as default.

Even don't follow contents's own width which has created as okay in Evernote tool for desktop.

Please offer option to resize for contents area or fix such topics for more better UX.


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