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(Archived) Exporting JPEG images; rotating images



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Second question: Is there any way within Evernote to ROTATE a JPEG image?

I can't answer your first question, but I do have an answer for your second question. Evernote itself doesn't have an embedded image editor, but it's still possible to rotate images that you've saved to EN, if you have an image editor on your computer (which most people do tend to have).

Open the note with the image you wish to rotate. Select the image, then right-click. On the context menu that appears when you right-click, select "Open with..." to get a list of apps that can open your image. Select an app that you know will allow you to do the desired edits to your image. On most Macs, I think the default is Preview, and that's generally what I use -- but you can also any image editor on your Mac. Once you have the image open in the image editor, rotate (or crop, or resize, etc) as you would normally do within that app. When you're done editing the image, close the image; this will generate a dialogue box that asks you if you want to save the changes you have just made. Click "Save." The image window will close, and you'll end up back where you started in Evernote -- and the image in your note will now be rotated (or resized or cropped).

It sounds kind of involved, but it's actually only a few quick steps and take very little time.

I learned about this from the "Ask the CEO" blog post, his answer to a question from a user. This tip is NOT in the Evernote for Mac manual, not sure why. And in fact I have posted to another forum, pointing out to the Evernote folks that their documentation isn't as comprehensive as it should be. I have to wonder how many other neat tricks there are in Evernote that I don't know about!


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