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(Archived) Wishlist: OneNote-like UI layout

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I'm trying out Evernote Beta and I see the potential, but there some things that I don't really like. So here are my suggestions, must of them should probably be made as an option for the user, so you could still have the current layout.

Only display one note at a time. Like in the inbox in Outlook, at the top you have the list of notes and at the bottom the selected note is displayed. Now all notes are displayed at one time, I find that confusing.

Allow the user to decide if a note as default should be displayed shortened or expanded.

If a note can't be fully displayed in the window, there is no scrollbar. I have the accelerator scrollbar, but I don't like. I think you be careful about changing the default behaviour of a standard Windows control, as you have done with the accelerator scrollbar, at least give the user an option to use the default way.

Tags can be grouped, that's great. But when I select a root tag, I would also like the notes with child tags to be shown.

More global shortcuts / hotkeys.

I have some todo notes that I often use, I would like to be able to quickly goto that note. You could make user configurable hotkey. Or probalby easier for you, an parameter to the application file, something like "Evernote.exe /note='a note id" or "Evernote.exe /tag=todos". The note-id argument could be the creation timestamp + title or something, well something like the Onenote's "Copy hyperlink to this .."

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