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Local network sync



Awesome app btw, first time I downloaded it I didn't really get its potential but about a year ago I started to slowly use it again and now I can really see how I'm going to use it for both study and personal goals.

One thing that would be really cool would to be able to directly sync between 2 devices on the same network. I know it's a cloud app and it works fine in that regard when am at home but now I am working on a ship whilst studying and low bandwidth really hinders my ability to get things done. I will take photos and picture through out the day of the engine room and then go up to my cabin to write up reports of what I've been doing but its hard to get the notes to sync back down to my phone. Alternatively I'll just take the pictures in my camera roll and then create the notes on my PC but then they do not download back down to my phone in time enough to be useful. If it was possible to cut out the middle man but still allow back up from one master device it would help immensely. Would be interesting to know if anyone else has any similar thoughts or if I'm alone in wanting this kind of feature.

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