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Possible not to first have to click on my note?

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I’m organizing my Evernote, moving notes out of my inbox, and I’m noticing a strange behavior.  Wanted to find out if others experience the same thing or if I might have some setting off.


I’m using keyboard shortcuts to Tag my notes and Move them to new Notebooks.  Once the note is moved the next note moves up like it should but I’m unable to use the keyboard shortcuts to tag or move the note unless I click on it first.  Seems to me there must be some issue or setting on my end. 


The next note is selected (blue box around it) when it moves up. Just can’t do anything with it until I click on it.  


Is there a keyboard shortcut or way to automatically make the next note active (not needing to be clicked on first) after the pervious note is moved. So, I don’t have  to use my mouse at all and can just use my keyboard to tag and move notes?


I’m working in Snippet View on the Mac Desktop Client.


Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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