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Typefaces in online sharing

Vladimir Shlygin


Hi there!

I've been using Evernote for ages, and it's my primary app for keeping all the research and work progress altogether. Also, I use Evernote as a tool for quick sharing of information such as document drafts and technical briefs. When it comes to using English language everything works perfect, but as user experience designer sometimes writing tech docs in Russian, I find it disturbing that all the typographic hierarchy of the document is being lost because your typeface (Gotham) in the web does not have the support of Cyrillic characters. It looks extremely ugly and confusing when a standard browser font (Times New Roman) with a different balance and proportions is used as a replacement. 

What I can suggest (a cost-efficient solution) is to find a better Cyrillic pair to Gotham which will be visually similar, or to integrate Cyrillic (and multi-lingual) version of Gotham.


Thank you for your attention,



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