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REQUEST: Convenient time and date selector


I find the current (Aug 2014) time and date selector on the Evernote android app to be less convenient than it can be. Please have a look at the stock (?) time selector that can be found the in apps like Sleep as droid. It displays a clock from which you select the hour you need for the reminder. It always 2 clicks away whereas the selection in evernote is maybe good looking back always take a few tries to select the hour you need. To say nothing of the day selection that is by default set on "tomorrow". I believe it can be made less burdensome - there are lots and lots of examples - take the date selector on the kayak.com website for instance. 


Please take it into consideration in your future updates. 


I am sorry if this request has been made before - I couldn't find anything similar. Best wishes to the whole Evernote team!

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Yes, the current date selector in Android is very annoying. I just renewed my driving licence for next 5 years and I wanted to change my date from 17th Feb 2018 to 31st Dec 2022, I had to scroll through each month until I reach Dec 2022. Please update your date selector with Year view or even allow to type date manually. 

Thanks / Luqman 


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