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ios Drift & Zoom User Feedback


Drift and zoom have revolutionised the extent to which I use Penultimate.


I take a lot of notes in client meetings that are the basis for later technical writing.  After discovering Drift and Zoom I have ditched the paper notebook entirely, and all seems to be well after the first 3 months.


A very minor bit of user feedback:

  • the pinch to zoom is touchy to get quickly, and often results in a stroke on the page rather than successful entry into the zoom/drift mode.  It would be good to have a setting that gave a few more gesture options to enter this mode - I'd really like a double tap.
  • having to exit zoom/drift to go to next page is a pain.  I'd like a button (bottom right - well away from the return button) that you can touch that takes you to the next page, and keeps you in zoom/drift mode.
  • extending that concept, it would be good to be able to lock the zoom/drift mode on for a given note (this would allow you to navigate to another app, and back, without having to re-pinch to get back to writing).

Really enjoying the Evernote/Penultimate combination and looking forward to these and more refinements.







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I second all of these points, with one slight adjustment, rather than a next page button, I'd actually prefer continuous paper which then formatted itself into separate pages when you come out of zoomed mode - maybe with a dotted line to show when you have come to the end of a page or a dead zone to prevent splitting a line of notes across two pages.  It's all about making it faster to take lots of notes without having to change views.  This would enable me to use this app exclusively for vast amounts of interview notes I take in my job.


You'd have me for life then...

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