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mac Evernote freezes at launch

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My Evernote Mac client freezes every single time at launch - the connecting bar instantly went frozen and then the client went dead (I have to force quit it ever time if I want my Mac back...). Usually my Chrome went dead along with it too - which is very weird...


I'm running the 5.5 version downloaded directly from Evernote, on a MacBook Air with a OX 10.9.2... The other one I have on my really old Mac (probably mountain lion) runs just fine...so I think its not about the network connection or my file load. 


I looked up the logs and find this: "Evernote was not able to access evernotehelper via IPC". 


Anyone have any clue how to fix this??? I basically have to use it everyday on my office Mac... thanks a lot!


(Tried deleted library file/reinstalling for at least 10 times...)

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