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Benjamin Weiler

Increment Option for Numbers - Especially for Timecodes


I use Evernote to create lists of timings for video subtitles and chapters.

These timecodes usually look somewhat like this: 01:34:58
It would be immensely useful to have a feature, that allows me to increment or decrement the digits in a timecode.

Emmet is a Plugin that adds that feature to a number of code editors. You can set your cursor on a number, like the minutes in my above example, and by pressing Ctrl + Up, you increment the number by 1. Ctrl + Down decrements it. This is an unbelievable addition in terms of convenience!

Ctrl + Shift + Up could increment by 10 and Ctrl + Alt Up by .1

It could be wonderful! Here's a video of what it could look like: 



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