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  1. You're rolling a schedule/reader over to a new year/quarter? If you change the title of the note, the note link path won't change at all. If you're planning to copy the notes, however, the links won't work in the new note.  


    One way you could make a new schedule on a desktop computer:

    1. create a notebook for the quarter "Spring 2014"
    2. SHIFT+click or COMMAND/CTRL+click to select your notes
    3. right-click and Copy to Spring 2014
    4. change the title for each note to something that will sort by title in order "Week 01a" "Week 01b" is good. 
    5. sort notes in Spring 2014 notebook by title
    6. Select all notes in the notebook and you'll see options
    7. select the "Create Table of Contents Note" option and you'll get a note with the titles and note links for each of your notes

  2. Hi Servpro Stone. There are a bunch of other features of Evernote Business that make it better for teamwork. Here are two that come to mind with your example:

    1) Data ownership: Any notes or content your colleagues/staff put into Evernote is owned the by the business. If anyone ever leaves your company, with Evernote Business their notes stay with you, but with Evernote Premium they can take their notes with them and you could potentially lose access.

    2) Business email address: With Evernote Business, you have a business email address in addition to your personal email address. Any notes/notebooks/activity you share with colleagues or clients related to your business will appear as "from" your business address.


    You can see some comparison at:


    and specifically details about Evernote Business:




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  3. Hi BigJoe.


    Evernote would handle your situation nicely. With Evernote's PDF and document search, you'll find notes based upon any typed, printed, or handwritten text inside files or images in your notes. Document Search is a Business/Premium feature. Your PDF invoices could live right alongside any other attached photos or documentation.


    Forward emails and attachments right into Evernote one at a time or even set up an email filter (in your mail client):



    Limits for an Evernote account:



    I'd strongly suggest trying out Evernote Business in your case, since you'll probably want the extra note capacity and notebook/user administration.


    Also- with Evernote Business you'll get the highest level of support and they can help you figure out how to improve your workflows. 


    Good luck!




  4. Hi! We're really glad you appreciate the user guides.


    We've looked at Content management systems and Learning management systems, but ultimately built these pages ourselves using PHP and javascript. Each Product x Device Guide is a separate file, and the pull-down switches between the different device guides. Each topic of the guide (left-nav) is just one <div> section of the same file. The responsive / scaling by device is done with CSS. 


    Two features we're proud of:

    1) Fully responsive. It looks beautiful on iPhone, Android tablets, Windows desktop, Windows 8, Mac... 

    2) Designed to be translated. We do a few things to make it easy to translate, such as using icons instead of screenshots, keeping text simple, and using video and language in video sparingly. Humans translate all our content and typically the turnaround is just a few days from start to finish. Change between languages using the pull-down at the bottom right of the page.






    More great things to come!


    -Brian Tobin

    Director of Learning


  5. Hi Jonathan. When a business offers employees Evernote Business, any of them who are Evernote Premium users should simply upgrade their accounts to Evernote Business. Their remaining Evernote Premium balance will be offered back to them as a code they can use in the future or give someone else (see the Business FAQ for users). With regards to personas, users will see both their personal and business content together in their own Evernote clients, but the business itself only has access to the content you've put into Business Notebooks. If you have other questions, you can contact Evernote Business' dedicated support using the number listed in your admin console, or contact the usual Evernote Support

  6. Products are all a bit different because each platform has different visual requirements, interface requirements, and functionality. The teams work closely together to build parity of features but each platform will always look different.

    Also, you may not always see us, but Evernote staff watch the forums pretty closely. Most of us get at least email digests of updates, while the product managers hunt their specific forums carefully.

    -Brian, Evernote

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