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  1. Hello,

    First of all I think Evernote and Cleary is great. I use them on a daily basis. However I'm wondering about some stuff.

    1. I used to have a mac, but now I had to change to Windows for work. So I'm wondering if Evernote 5 is getting released on Windows? I personally loved the new design but I haven't seen any information about it coming to windows.

    2. I use cleary every singel day. It makes it so much easiser and comfortable to read long articles on the web. However, when I don't have time to read I save the articles into Evernote, and I don't find it as good reading from evernote. So what I'm wondering here is, have you thought about putting in a "reading mode" into evernote that looks and works like clearly? I would love that especially with the ability to mark like a marker pen in the text. I could just open the website again but a lot of the times I read it's for example on trains where I don't get internet.

    As I said. I think evernote is a great product. So it's not like I'm going to stop using it. But I do think this would make it even greater. Especially the reading part. :).

    I hope it's okey to suggest stuff like this. Of course it's up to the developers. But this is one of the small things I'm missing. :)

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