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  1. This has been driving me mad lately. 

    Windows 10

    Desktop version of Evernote

    If I am typing in the application, without the note popped out into its own window, then the problem I am about to describe doesn't happen.  It only happens if I have the note popped out into its own window. As I am typing, randomly, and frequently, the cursor automatically jumps up to the start of the title.  So all text I am typing start becoming prepended to the title. This is so aggravating.  I have been able to determine no rhyme or reason.  I have even very systematically slowly typed trying to see which key or combo does it, I can literally sit and keep pressing f or g and within a few seconds the cursor will jump to the title.  

    Evernote is this only app this happens in.  It also only happens on notes that are in their own windows.



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