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  1. Problem solved! Despite definitely disabling autofill it still kept instantly filling with Internet address.

    In case this helps someone else: The hamburger would only allow "Add a business account"  and obviously would not accept mine for that but I noticed "Account settings" allowed me to logout of the app which gave   my btinternet address then log in with Gmail address. Date appeared in seconds, registered with Gmail address and Premium version.  One irony of all this is that , many years into retirement, I have very little data to keep- I still have 99.9%  of storage unused!

    MANY thanks Pinky and Paul. Problem solved- and I have only spent  15 hours on it!  I should have consulted my personal IT advisor - my 12 year old granddaughter - in the first instance .

    Thanks again to both.

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  2. Thank you Paul. You have identified the  first cause of  problem. I have been trying to login with my btinternet address which I use 99.9% of the time, but "Account settings"  on my tablet version shows that I originally registered EN with my gmail address.  Well done for that.

    But I am still stuck because after downloading EN from Google Play - which also uses my Gmail address -when I click on Open  I get a login screen which is auto filled within a second by Samsung Smartlock with my btinternet address, so the problem persists. Even if I can get a finger on the email line  within one second  in an attempt to type in my Gmail address, nothing happens until the autofill takes over. I have Installed, Opened then had to Uninstall and make  another try about 15 times in an attempt to beat this.  Obviously a problem with Samsung not EN. Thanks for getting me on the right track.  If anybody out there can solve this damned auto fill problem I would be grateful.

  3. Many thanks, but I have tried all this. My sub for Premium is paid but to be double sure I deleted EN from my old phone so now have it on only one device. As I said, I have downloaded EN   but  download gives me only a  free trial  Basic version and invites me to make my first note, even after allowing 48 hrs for synch. I download from Google Play ( on redirection from Evernote.com ) which asks for my password, which I have changed to coincide with my EN password. When EN is installed it does not ask me to login, just displays "Write your first note". Any other suggestions please.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. 2 yrs ago I used Samsung Smart Switch to transfer Evernote Premium from one Android phone to another with no problem. I now cannot transfer it to a new Android phone from either my Android tablet or phone. The icon is transferred but no notes- I am just invited to write my first note. I have tried downloading Evernote  directly but can get only a new basic version ( limit 2 devices)  unless I pay again . I have given all attempts 48 hours to synch. No success.  There seems to be no way of downloading a version and logging into it with the hope of syncing.

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