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  1. Been using Evernote for 8 years. Have come to trust it, and use it as my "second brain". Upgraded to latest Evernote version on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac). Entered data into a note on my iPhone this morning, 2 hours later I'm on my Mac, pull up the note, don't see the data. Go back to my iPhone, data is there - I "pull down and hold" to force a sync, and the new data I had entered vanishes. DATA LOSS. Anyone else having this issue? This is devastating for me - I now realize I should not trust this app as much as I've gotten used to.

    Also since the upgrade, I had 2 notes - 1 original, and 1 new, basically the same (I mistakenly named the 2 notes the same name at one point - surprised it even let me do that). I deleted the old as I had started to add to the new. 24 hours later, I pull up Evernote on my Mac, and both old and new are back. I meticulously scour both to ensure the new has all the new, and the old can be "re-deleted", lo and behold the old note has a few things I had typed into the new note! I copied them back into the new and re-deleted the note. Should I really have to do this? No. Waste of time.

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