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  1. I would like to see the stack search at minimum to have the filter option as with the notebook search.  Using the search syntax is really not a useful solution, yes it works but it's so slow and cumbersome. I'm searching all the time in stacks/notebooks and these changes are killing me.

    I keep going back to Evernote Legacy, its just so much better. Hopefully this will be fixed but I worry the request has been out since last year. This is the one feature omission that will make me jump ship when they stop supporting Legacy. I have 3 premium users, hopefully our votes matter for something.

  2. Upvote for the feature to attach a notebook rather than a singe note. As a heavy MS Teams and Evernote user, I find the feature of adding a single note to a teams channel basically useless. If the notebook feature existed I would be able to bring Evernote awesomeness to the team. Currently I only use Evernote personally for this reason, and that in evernote business, there is no notification system for when another user changes a note, so it's not functional as a tool for team collaboration.  A good integration with MS Teams could provide some of that functionality.

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