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  1. 17 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi. With queries like this it's always good to know what device and OS you're using...and whether this is the mobile/web/installed version of Evernote.

    There's no way to use a third party app to apply styles to an existing note,  but you could set up a template with 'holding text' in the right format and style - for example:

    Telephone Note

    date/time                                                    from


    - and then replace the already-styled text with your own content.

    This could also be done by setting up a note in the correct format as a template.

    Hi - I'm on a Macbook with whatever OS is most recent, using the installed/desktop app for OSX. 

    I like your suggestion, but I frequently use one note multiple times, and continue adding content to it while using the expander. 

  2. 1 hour ago, CalS said:

    You can use a text expander to format text.  Highlight whatever and then a hotkey which starts with Ctrl+D and applies whatever formats.  Works for simple things that are on the Ctrl+D panel.

    Hi - I'm not exactly understanding this. With textexpander, I just type a code like ;expandthis and the expander does the rest. I am on a Mac but can't find any ctrl-D or option-D panel!

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