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  1. I realize the topic of "re-sizing photos" has been discussed a lot.  However, I'd like the option to "Display photo as a thumbnail" along with a couple of fixed "Thumbnail size" options.  This should be much easier to code and would be cross-platform friendly.  Just thought I'd add my vote....

  2. Thanks so much for the detailed responses.  VERY helpful and I'm much clearer now.  Over 30 years ago, when I was still filing physical documents in a hierarchical old school filing system, I could never find anything.  So I started assigned each document a sequential number and filing everything by number.  I used a spreadsheet with "tags" assigned to each document's number to locate stuff.  Worked perfectly.  So, it sounds like EN will work very well for me.

  3. I've read quite a bit about EN.  Even bought and read an EN book.  But I still have a very fundamental question.  In EN, should I abandon hierarchical organization all together and just just tags to file and locate everything?  It seems EN is not well designed for hierarchical organization.  


    I'm fine with that and don't mind having one huge NB where I stuff everything and use Tags to find items later.  But is this the most common approach?  



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