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  1. Thanks PE! I went to that thread and figured I should specifically use AppCleaner instead of Clean My Mac so that I could see the potential deletion folders discussed in the thread.  Did so and made sure to select all the unchecked folders (which were the same as Nick's screencap).  I then simply reinstalled using the 7.14 beta (if it makes a difference - it didn't when I just tried using it instead of 7.13 without using AppCleaner) and IT WORKS AGAIN!  You rock.  Much appreciated for all your suggestions. 

    ArneG, hopefully this works for you as well.

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  2. That's an excellent point.  I just switched from Sophos to Avast, and Avast was messing with my email app.  When I get home I'll try turning off Avast. 

    When I install EN, I get no security requests. That file access just happened on its own.  If Avast is not the issue, I'll add EN to the other security categories, though they mostly seem unnecessary, like screen monitoring, at least without Web Clipper, Skitch etc. being used. But certainly worth a shot. 

    Will report back once I've tried these fixes.  Thanks.

  3. Thanks. Yes, I've done the full uninstall and reinstall a few times, trying both the AppStore and, most recently, the website version.  I use Clean My Mac to full uninstall, which I have to believe cleans everything out just as deeply.  

    Do you know exactly what rights it needs?  I see that it already has Files and Folders access (documents folder) from the install, but should there be anything else?

  4. Has anyone figured this out?  I'm on 10.15.2 and EN 7.13, and it crashes as soon as I log in and it commences the sync.  Looks like this has been a problem with Catalina for months. I wasn't having the issue on my prior MBP with Catalina but on my new MBP 16" it's been a no-go regardless of what I try, including multiple reinstalls.  Really frustrating and I've seen no indication that Evernote is aware of or doing anything about it. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

    "1) This is a user forum - no need and no use for crash reports. EN staff may and may not come along and read your post."

    Attached for exactly that reason, or if perhaps someone else can read those particular tea leaves. 

    "2) EN runs stable on the latest release of Catalina (except the „Spotlight has quit unexpectedly ...“ some users experience)."

    Yes, I was likewise having no issues on my prior computer and iteration of Catalina

    "3) Using a beta is on your own risk. If it crashes, that is it. I am not aware that EN would run a beta forum or program for other purposes than their own beta program."

    Yes, understood as to how betas work 😉 As mentioned, I am just trying to determine whether it is the Catalina beta (and will then just power through) or perhaps something else that means it will persist for me, given that I've changed computers and cannot isolate as to one variable.

    "At least you have an escape key to press 😉

    Haha! Amen to that.  I can't imagine working otherwise, quite literally since I transitioned from a 2010 17" MBP! 


  6. Hi - I cannot start Evernote 7.13 for even a moment in Catalina 10.15.2 beta.  It shuts down before I can even send Evernote the crash report from the prior crash.  This is on a new MacBook Pro 16", so I've never had Evernote working on this computer and thus cannot say what might have been the trigger.  I think Catalina updated to .2 almost immediately when I was setting it up, so I never tried it on .1.

    If it's just the Catalina beta, I'll wait it out, but am hoping to figure out whether that's the case versus something else.

    Crash log is attached.



    Evernote crash log.rtf

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