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  1. Recently had an issue where I inadvertently deleted 10 notes....and then tried to stop the synch feature with my other devices. I then learned about the ENote trash folder. Thus... no issue. What would happen if a huge program error (read about another Cloud service always worrying about this) ..or something else were to wipe out my ENote cloud data and those deletions synced with my Mac, Ipad, etc... Would something like Mac Time Machine allow me to recover my Mac Enote files once the code (or whatever) was repaired? Or is there another safety option? ENote is a wonderful product...but once you make the jump to paperless.......
  2. yes...it was in the trash, and I am now smarter about EN trash...I had close to 1000 there.... thank you.
  3. I continue to get this error on my Mac version of EN: "An unexpected error occurred while synchronizing with Evernote services" It refers to a specific note that has now been erased both on the Mac and Cloud. It never made it to my Ipad version. I have rebooted Mac OS. Still continues. all other notes entered after this one will synch fine. Thanks.
  4. Thanks CS...."new behavior", however I can't pinpoint the change to either Scansnap or EN updates. I noticed it a few weeks ago but thought it was "user error"...and I don't print that much thus the lack of urgency.
  5. When I scan something into EN via the ScanSnap IX500 and go to print the scanned note the print screen comes up blank.... ...if I take an extra step to open that EN note PDF in Mac/OS Preview, I can print. I scan to PDF, not JPG. All other notes (emailed, created within EN) print just fine. I have the latest EN, Mac/OS and ScanSnap manager versions. Thanks
  6. Has anyone come up with a creative way to address Kindle's "clipping limit" when migrating Kindle book notes to ENote? Thanks.
  7. As the man says in the video: "pretty slick".... Thanks!
  8. is anyone using EverNote with a good Journaling App? (Writing a journal) Love this product! Lyle Gray
  9. When I scan documents, I use the import function. Is there a way to "default" to my folder that I import from (in my case I use ScanSnap with my Fititsu and have a file called everNote) It takes multiple steps to get to this folder. Thanks Lyle Gray
  10. would have to agree with "Things" being very cool, especially with the Iphone. I too use it with EverNote. I sync Iphone, Mac and PC with evernote. Things is only Mac. reQuall is alos neat with the Iphone especially if you do alot of dictation vs. writing....
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