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  1. Mea culpa time.

    i didn’t follow the instructions, which I only found in the video.

    Brina, the templates do save, but they aren’t nested in any folder on the left.  You can see them when you create a note, where you’ll be given an option to pick one of the saved templates.

    My fault for not following directions, although it would be great to view all the templates in a folder (and if you can do that, my apologies again).

    Hopefully this follow up can help someone else who made the mistake I did.







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  2. Hi there...

    I've been attempting to save a few of the new templates, and I can't seem to save them.

    • premium member
    • click "Save" and "Template Saved" opens
    • tried Safari and Chrome
    • templates are not being saved into account

    Any ideas?  Searched forums and did not find anything.


    Much Appreciated,



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