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  1. Huh, just found this thread as I was thinking how I would link a mind mapper to Evernote. I've written a mind mapper which I've been meaning to release under GPL (best intentions and all that) and which I've been using it for years for both research and teaching...

    Creating a mindmap in a note doesn't seem very exciting - this could be done trivially by exporting a pdf or text outline and throwing that into a note. Now, you could use Evernote as cloud storage and this might be quite nice if the map had both a visual representation within Evernote and contained the data the application needs. It would mean the note would be essentially read only like a pdf though.

    Linking notes from evernote to a map sounds really interesting but there is an issue of scale. I have only several thousand notes in Evernote but if I was to put that on a map it would be utter chaos. So you need a filtered subset and this fits much nicer with maps as a focused approach to a particular topic anyway. So how would it work?

    Linking to only a single note seems only a little better than using copy and paste. It could have a nice interface within the mind mapper that lets you search Evernote and creates a live two way link, but still. Maybe adding a branch which gets populated by notes with a particular tag? Or maybe it should hang off the folders? Scale bites here again, because if you have 30 subbranches that's looking really crowded. How would you add a note to the map in a way that indicates it should go to Evernote? What if you have several maps that link to the same note?

    I guess I'm stuck on how the two programs would play well with each other, they are quite different approaches to managing information.

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