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  1. Evernote does not convert handwriting to text. Evernote recognize handwritten text, so you can make a search and find that note again.

    You can draw directly in Evernote using the ink feature, ou you can attach a photo of the handwritten paper to the Evernote's note

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  2. Enoch, you can build more complex searches using Advanced Search off of the magnifying glass search icon. Multiple tag selection could be easier, but it can be done, and you can also pick other criteria.


    Yes, in Evernote for Android, offline search works if I wanna see all notes tagged with A and B and C: tag:A tag:B tag:C

    It´s also true if I wanna see notes with the word "test" in the title OR in the body of the notes.


    But it can't handle searches such these:


    • Search for notes tagged with (A and B and not C): tag:A tag:B -tag:C
    • Or sometimes I wanna: tag:A intitle:test
    • Or even: intitle:test

  3. nope, don't have the "Reminders" section.  I may have at one time, but not now and I don't see any way to bring it back.

    thanks tho.


    I guess that when you are saying "reminders", actually you are referring to the "favorite bar" that we had in Evernote 4 for windows desktop. With Evernote 5 this favorite bar has gone and now we have "shortcuts" in the left panel. 

  4. Experimenting the new feature in Android, in notes view, I did "tap and hold" note A, caught the "copy note link", then past it in note B. 


    This Evernote-note-hyperlink works in Android and in Evernote-web, but not in Evernote for Windows Desktop 5.2 (270503). 


    I realized that in Windows Desktop, an Evernote-note-link address ends with a "/", but when the link is genereted by Android, it doesn't have the "/" at the end. Then I edited the link in Windows Desktop (crtl + k) putting the "/". After that, the Evernote-note-link works in the Windows desktop client too.

  5. 1) Thanks, now I can choose the resolution with Evernote camera in Moto X. Moto X camera software uses only the higher resolution (10 Mega pixels), but it's so much for small pieces of paper :-P 

    2) Post-it camera is capturing the writing in white color, instead of black. Look at the example in this link:


  6. My issues with current version:

    1. I'd like to add my vote to have the Title not scroll with the note body. (..)


    4. I don't like that the note info (created, updated, source url) overlaps with the note formatting toolbar so that it can be difficult to access or view at times. I'd prefer this to be a separte line always visible. Again, if contentious this can be collapsed with a button on the right edge.



    I do like the "note info button" and the fact that the note title disappear when scrolling down the note. I use a 10 inch Netbook, so more space to see note content is better.

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  7. (...) Edit:  for text in the note.  What are you cutting / pasting from and to?


    Create a new note and write some words . Before saving the note, try to copy the text and paste inside the same note. You'll  not be able to do this. But if you edit an existing note (i.e, save the note and then edit it), you'll be able to copy and paste.

  8. Lost all my shortcuts


    I think that would be expected, because we knew that shortcuts in EN 4 for Windows were different from shortcuts that synced with mac, ios, android, web and windows touch. So, to sync these shortcuts we would have to let that "old shortcuts" go.

    But okay, they should have put a disclaimer about it.


    You can display choose to display reminders in the latest Evernote widget, if you're using reminders as a to-do list. Alternatively, you can choose to display the results of a saved search in the widget's note list, if you are using notes to represent to-do items and have them easily identifiable (e.g. via tags).

    I actually did set this up, using a tag and the widget to display that particular note (which contained my to do list). The problem for me though is that the widget displays the information in a non-listed format so everything looks 'scrunched up'.  I'd like a widget that allows me to display a to do list in an orderly list with direct access to the checkboxes.



    Instead of make a todo list inside a note, you can make each "to do item" as an individual note and apply the reminder for them. Then, go to the widget and configure it to show the reminders list. You will get this



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