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  1. Enoch, you can build more complex searches using Advanced Search off of the magnifying glass search icon. Multiple tag selection could be easier, but it can be done, and you can also pick other criteria.


    Yes, in Evernote for Android, offline search works if I wanna see all notes tagged with A and B and C: tag:A tag:B tag:C

    It´s also true if I wanna see notes with the word "test" in the title OR in the body of the notes.


    But it can't handle searches such these:


    • Search for notes tagged with (A and B and not C): tag:A tag:B -tag:C
    • Or sometimes I wanna: tag:A intitle:test
    • Or even: intitle:test

  2. Experimenting the new feature in Android, in notes view, I did "tap and hold" note A, caught the "copy note link", then past it in note B. 


    This Evernote-note-hyperlink works in Android and in Evernote-web, but not in Evernote for Windows Desktop 5.2 (270503). 


    I realized that in Windows Desktop, an Evernote-note-link address ends with a "/", but when the link is genereted by Android, it doesn't have the "/" at the end. Then I edited the link in Windows Desktop (crtl + k) putting the "/". After that, the Evernote-note-link works in the Windows desktop client too.


    You can display choose to display reminders in the latest Evernote widget, if you're using reminders as a to-do list. Alternatively, you can choose to display the results of a saved search in the widget's note list, if you are using notes to represent to-do items and have them easily identifiable (e.g. via tags).

    I actually did set this up, using a tag and the widget to display that particular note (which contained my to do list). The problem for me though is that the widget displays the information in a non-listed format so everything looks 'scrunched up'.  I'd like a widget that allows me to display a to do list in an orderly list with direct access to the checkboxes.



    Instead of make a todo list inside a note, you can make each "to do item" as an individual note and apply the reminder for them. Then, go to the widget and configure it to show the reminders list. You will get this



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  4. Mikel Teacher, I suppose that you handwrite some notes along the day and want to put it right away in Evernote using your android phone, and the camera of your phone isn't good.

    Best app

    I don't know which is the best scan app for android. But I've tried some and then bought Droid Scan (there's also a free/light version). It helps if the phone camera is good. But if it is not, you can adjust (edges, brightness, contrast, color) the scanned paper with the scan app.

    Kind of paper

    It doesn't matter. You can write anywhere and send the photo to Evernote. Actually, I recomend white paper with dark color pen. And instead of using a A4 sheet, try to cut the sheet in half or in four parts (because it will be better to capture with the bad cam).

    Workflow 01

    Write down anything in a piece of paper. Get the android phone, open Evernote app. Tap to create new note. Tap the camera simbol to take a photo. Tap the icon that open the camera to create a new note. Take a picture of the paper. Click "save" the photo. (and then the photo will be attached to the evernote note). (if you want, type something describing the content, add tags, etc) Save the evernote note. (now your note is in evernote on your phone). Sync Evernote to internet.

    Workflow 02

    Write down anything in a piece of paper. Get the android phone. Open the scan app. Take the photo and adjust it if needed. In the scan app, tap Share... to Evernote. (It will open a new evernote note with the picture attached). (if you want, type something describing the content, add tags, etc) Save the evernote note. (now your note is in evernote on your phone). Sync Evernote to internet.


    • I prefer to send these kind of short notes to Evernote in jpg or png, rather than pdf, because when I open the note in android, I see the picture right away. If it were in pdf, I'd have to take a extra step, opening thepdf with a pdf reader...
    • See BurguerNFries post above about OCR in Evernote.

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  5. juniorgolf18, I used to make my GTD lists in Evernote: one "next action" per note and used tags for contexts. To see a context list, I used saved searches (see Ruud Hein approach). But, in Evernote mobile (android), when offline, the search just work with simple terms.

    Nowadys I use Pocket Informant for my GTD lists and they are synchronized with Toodledo.com

    gatorbrit, you can email tasks to toodledo.

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