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  1. Hi There,

    After I upgraded by phone to Galaxy Note 9, the Evernote app in the phone is not working. I am not able to login. The error message says :

    "Login Error

    You cannot sign in at the moment. This is likely cause by a bad connection to the internet"

    I have checked, the internet connection is fine. I am able to connect to internet from other apps, and this issue is not one time, I am not able to connect more than one month.

    I am able to login through my laptop to Evernote.

    I recently received a Galaxy A8 phone from work, installed Evernote on it, and received the same issue.

    The android version i 8.1.0

    Please let me know if anybody knows the solution for this.

    I have already written to the developer contact, but did not receive any response.



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