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  1. This update broke check box line spacing for me on Mac. I used to like to use evernote for to do lists, because even though they aren't nicely organized or categorized like a real task manager, at least they are flexible, they can have links to other evernote notes, and they can be organized in a hierarchy with bullets. With this update, there is inexplicable extra spacing between check box list items. See the attached screenshots, I took one on a different laptop that I hadn't updated. Note that it is not an issue for bulleted lists without check boxes. Not a life-threatening issue, but now I can't see as many tasks on the screen. Because there is no way to edit a basic thing like line spacing (gmail inbox even gives you the option to choose between 'normal' and 'compact' in list view), it's stuck this way. ? Maybe I'll make the full switch to Notion for task lists, they're very nicely formatted and give great outlining and toggle/minimization options like Onenote does, which is something that I've wished for in Evernote for about a decade.
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