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  1. I came here with the exact same sync problem, although this involves different computers on Windows:

    • I save a note at my work computer, shut it down. (EDIT: I had gotten used to CTRL-S to save. Now I'm not sure if I ever just imagined that saving was possible on Evernote, all I know is that I cannot find a way to explicitly save any more)
    • Open the same note on my home computer and edit the note.
    • I turn on my work computer, which starts Evernote.
    • My home computer immediately notifies of different versions of the same file.

    The root of the problem seems to be that when I shut down my work computer, the last edits do not get synced. They get synced when I turn it back on, and by then it's way too late as I've already edited the note on my other computer.

    This would all be fixed with the Sync button that was present on the previous versions. Why did the button go away?

    Is there any way to force a sync? For a product as mature as Evernote, this is a beginner type of bug.

    EDIT: Before people ask about internet connection quality, both are gigabit fiber connections.

  2. Yeah, that's why I'm asking.  I downgraded to 6.10, but I'm not sure I downgraded to the right version.  I found, but I'm not sure if that's the latest release in the 6.10 series, or if that's the one I had before.  I searched the forums for "6.10", but I'm not trustful at all that I found the right installer. It'd be SO much easier if there was a sticky post in the forums with all the installers released, but incredibly, it's not there.  I say "incredibly" because when I searched the forums for "downgrade", I got a TON of hits of people having problems wanting to go back to the last version that worked for them, but no mention of some list where we can see all the installers.  I'm thinking I must have missed something,so that's why I ask.

  3. I'm a long-ish time paying user. I came to the forum because 6.11 broke for me, copy/paste within the same note does not work well for me, the formatting gets messed up and then the editor works weird afterwards. I see here that a lot of people have problems with each and every release, pretty much, and there is a lot of talk about downgrading.  I'd like to downgrade my installation as well, but it is very difficult to find some previous installers, at least by searching the forum. Is there a web page I do not know about that lists all the installers for previous versions and lets us download any one of them?

    The editing problem I'm facing is big enough that I just want to go back a version and not wait for a fix to come out.  It's something that broke for me within a single minute of using the 6.11 version, so I agree with everyone who says QA at Evernote is seriously lacking.  I'm not even trying to do something complicated (copy paste a block of text within the same note where some of the text is bold and also contains an outline hierarchy of bullet points).

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