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  1. I’ve been a premium member for years and I’m also very frustrated by this issue.  I first started observing it, and reported it, about a year ago.  I’ve tried a number of work-arounds, including:

    • Going back to a prior version of the note.  This has not worked well.  Once a note has an indent problem, it re-surfaces right away
    • Avoid accessing Evernote from a browser - this seems to solve the problem but also removes one of the biggest benefits that is supposed to be included in Evernote.  And there are still certain functions I have trouble finding in the app.
    • .Finally, this is my work around:
      • .. adding dots at the beginning of the indented paragraphs so I can still function after the indent corruption occurs on that note.
        • ... and more dots with each indentation.  Hopefully my indentations in this post will remain intact so my message is clear.
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