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  1. 18 minutes ago, CalS said:

    Not so much with Windows using Chrome or Firebox browsers.  Tab key just tabs across the cell.  :( 

    Ditto on my iPhone, assuming indent is the same as tab..

    Hmm, I'm glad it's working on my Chromebook (Samsung Chromebook Plus) and MacBook Pro (using Safari and chrome browsers). I haven't tested on a windows machine using Chrome or Firefox. Wish it had a more consistent experience across platforms and browsers. For now I'l settle for it working on some browsers and platforms. Hope they fix this someday. :mellow: 

    iOS for iPhone. Your absolutely correct (I was using a bluetooth keyboard), did't realize that the iOS keyboard had no tab. I went back and looked for it and it's nowhere to be found.

  2. Would be awesome if we could add rows and columns to tables.

    I switched over to a Chromebook so, I'm using Evernote mobile and Evernote web. Both have the same issue. 

    A few have suggested using google spreadsheet, or copying and pasting multiple tables, or adding a few extra rows. Some of these work, but have it's limitations. For example, if you run out of extra rows. Or if you have a chromebook, you can't use any of the workarounds without a computer without the use of google spreadsheets.

    Screenshot example attached. 


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