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  1. Yes, definitely. That’s the standard method for copying and pasting on the mac. I also tried the edit menu and the right mouse button. Nothing worked.
  2. I tried several options again to get this to work. In MathType preferences, as noted by an earlier post, there is an option for Evernote. When I select this, the copy an equation and paste it into a note, the app pauses, spins the rainbow wheel and launches a window saying Downloading content... And...nothing. I've tried setting the preferences to PICT and PDF but these come in at such a large size that it is impossible to use. I've rebooted Evernote and MathType after changing settings and this behavior doesn't change. Others have suggested modifying Evernote to accommodate Markdown. I don't really use Markdown directly, though I realize MathType uses this easily/natively. So, just fixing this "missing feature" would be very appreciated. BTW, I'm using the mac desktop app to do this. Any advice would be appreciated. This keeps me from using Evernote as my main research documenting tool.
  3. I was having similar problems and changed the setting to "From Visited". It worked perfectly after that.
  4. I also agree that there is a need to integrate math equations in Evernote. MarkDown would probably be the most widely used format. I've tried to use MathType with Evernote. The results have been inconsistent. MathType saves as MarkDown, png or pdf. Instertion of pdfs is bulky in the note. I was trying to use either MarkDown (LaTeX) or png. The png option worked intermittently. I contacted MathType tech support who tried it on his system and suggested Evernote (Mac) was stripping or reducing the header information on the png so that it couldn't be re-imported to MathType for adjusting. I have had problems importing multiple png-formatted equations into a single note. It seemed to work with 1 png.
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