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  1. I use evernote on samsung chromebook plus for taking notes. I am frequently running into evernote freezing on me while trying to save a note. When I try to save a note, a window pops up with the message: "Evernote isn't responding" with three options to close, wait or send feedback. I cannot even move to other apps on the chromebook when this happens. I have to first close the app (thus losing my note) and then open other apps.

    This is quite frustrating and I was wondering if this is a known issue in Evernote on chromebooks. I sent feedback to Evernote support and hoping to hear back from them.


  2. Thank you for responding.

    The note completely disappeared. It was there right after I created it.  But  when I tried opening it (after creating it), I kept getting an error message saying that the note was unavailable for opening.  Eventually, the file just disappeared mysteriously. 

     Based on other posts on this disucssion forums, I had already searched with keywords and also looked in Trash and conflicting changes. I couldn't find the file anywhere. I know that I didn't manually delete the file. So, it is very puzzling to me.

    In any case,  I recreated the note and this time, everything is fine. 


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  3. Hello, I spent about three hours this morning preparing solutions to a homework using Evernote on my chromebook.  When I finished the note, I tried to share it with another person. A message popped up saying that the person may not have access to the note. After that,  when I tried opening the file, Evernote threw a message saying the file was unavailable for opening. I tried opening the file several times and each time,  the same message (that the file was not available) popped up.  Then, I tried syncing the files. Post-sync, the file disappeared altogether from the list of notes. Interestingly, the sync icon has been spinning for the last 3-4 hours. I checked evernote web interface for this file but couldn't locate it there either. 

    Is there a way I can recover this file? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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