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  1. @DTLow @gazumped Selecting whole article and turning Italic font to turn it on and off + simplify formatting seems to fix the issue


    However, what simplify formatting exactly do, how to avoid this issue, and did people know about it in the past ?


    It wasn't only this one article, it was also everything else I clipped. Maybe it's something with my clip settings ?

  2. @gazumped Well, I tried to do everything what i can and It still messed my article.

    I tried ot clip it multiple times and adjust the size but the results is this same. it does this same to the text.

    That's the print : 




    And that's the article :




    And here are my settings :




    EDIT : simplify formating made it even worst


  3. Hello ! So, I used web clipper for some of my notes in my notebook, some I did on my own, and as a result when I select some of my notes in order to print them the images are sometimes cropped weirdly on 2 separate pages, or text is literally croped in half . Is there any way to adjust the print results to what i would like it to look like ?


    EDIT : And some of the pictures have blank Strips like this : 



  4. 1 hour ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

    I mainly use it if I need to check whether something I did is definitely updated on the Evernote servers. But its biggest practical use, I think, would be in situations where you don't have access to your computer (or tablet or phone) with Evernote on it. Heaven forbid your computer should need repair in the middle of a project; or you're traveling without it and you have some ideas you really need to preserve. On a public computer (such as at a library) or a borrowed one, you can go to the Web client and do what you need to do (though without the PC program's bells and whistles).

    Seems like a good way to approach it :)

    27 minutes ago, jefito said:

    Simple: to reduce your upload limit, reduce the amount of content that you put into Evernote, and reduce the amount of changes that you make to existing Evernote notes. Avoid large items like photos and external attachments. And if you feel like you're getting close to your monthly limit, cut back until the month ends. Alternatively, you could spring for a Plus r Premium account for a month if you have a lot of content to add, then go back to Basic.

    Well, I more likely meant how can  I make it, so that evernote doesn't accidentally upload files while I edit, or doesn't upload them too often :D. or perhaps I could keep some notes offline, and upload them when I want


    Thank you all for replying tho ! Appreciate your feedback !

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