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  1. Hello guys,

    I have updated my evernote to this beta version and it's the worst ideia I had.

    After the update, I got a lot of bugs: my notes are comeback to home automatically, I've problems when I created notes on my Iphone and try sync  with my Windows PC. Also I've bugs when I choose to not save pdf as attachment (the note just save as attachment again). 

    I'm sorry for the bad English, but I think it's important to report those bugs.

    One last thing:

    How can I got back for the old version?



  2. 1 hora atrás, jefito disse:

    There's never been a grammar checker in Evernote for Windows, but there is a spell checker. That's still there, but evidently the "Check spelling" operation is gone, at least for the moment. I think that spell checking does get done when you activate a note: a misspelled word does get the red-squiggle underline, and you can add it to your dictionary, but subsequent occurrences of the same (misspelled) word will still be flagged with the red squiggles until you go to a different note, and then return to the original note.

    Thank you for the answer. Yes, my problem actually is with "check spelling", I remember that it had a hotkey (F7) to fix misspelled words. Do you know if this hotkey is gone too?

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