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  1. First of all, I would like to thank your for a great app. But sometimes it becomes worse. )

    In the new version, several features have changed.

    1. Moving notes between notebooks became harder.
    I like to move notes between notebooks.
    I used to be able to select hundred notes in a group and drag them from one notebook to another. What about current state?
    – I will not be allowed to select more than 50 notes
    – moving is extremely slow
    – notes change the date (!!!) — to my mind, it is unacceptable, notepad link is a meta attribute, the text of the note itself does not change, so no reason to change the date
    – last moved notes appear in labels in a menu

    2. Backuping became much more difficult.
    In a previous version I made a backup copy like this: I selected all the notes (I have about 500 of them) and clicked "Export". So for 1 minute I got backup.
    Now i am not allowed to select more than 50 notes.
    I can export only notebook, so I have to backup 20 times (20 notebooks) instead of 1 time.

    3. Moving via link to an outer site demands 2 clicks.
    I don't know why I have to click twice to jump by my link. The first click shows a link, the second moves me. It's not an usual web behaviour and it's too slow.

    Could you improve back this functionality?

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