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  1. Alas, in my case this app did not work at all; what it did was just moving from one place inside the 4GB original tablet card to another, and not to the SD card I've put.
  2. My concern is that I have one of my notebooks with 13GB, which is far more than what the internal storage can handle (4GB). What I want is to be able to use this only big-fat offline notebook in my atelier, and meanwhile I have an idle 32GB SDCard sitting there in the tablet...
  3. I seriously considered terminating my Evernote Premium account due to this SD card nuisance. It is extremely frustrating to have all I want in one software and cannot be able to use it in all my devices, even having a paid account...
  4. Please, I need to have an advise on how to change settings to download correctly my offline notes. In my tablet with Android (version 4.4.2) I had Evernote synced, but it stopped due to lack of space. The problem I have is that I have a SD card with 32 GB I've put exclusively for Evernote, and it won't use it to either install Evernote or save my offline stuff. How can I set this??
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