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  1. I was using Evernote for about 2 years for GTD. My setup was following:

    Noteboks (only two):

    • Inbox
    • Stuff

    Rest of the work was done by tags:

    GTD status: #Next, #Someday, #Scheduled, #Waiting, #Reference

    Context: @Home, @Work, @Computer etc.

    Project: +House renovation, +Films to watch, +Buy new car, +Car maintenance, etc.

    By starting each group of tags with special character, I was able to easily manage the tags.

    For my convenience I have created few saved searches and added it to shortcuts.

    The system works quite well, however I was not satisfied with the application itself. So finally basing on my experience with implementation of GTD on Evernote I have created an Android application called "GTD Simple". I am still working on adding new features to it, however it is available on Google Play, if you want to test it (it's free and with no ads).


    Best Regards,


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